Transforming Lives

The Nest Foundation empowers women and girls to succeed. Through a support network, education, mentorship, wellness and memorable experiences, The Nest Foundation provides a platform and network for women to embrace courage, step into higher confidence, and live a life of purpose with abundance, health, and joy.

The Nest Foundation partners with organizations that believe that together we are stronger and can make a difference in the lives of others.

VISION: Inspire a world of reciprocity where women prosper and families thrive.


How can you support?

We are a grassroots not-for-profit and seek volunteers for our support networks, events, communications, marketing, finance, fundraising, social media, graphics, website design, and more!

Do you have a skill and wish to volunteer?

Are you full of ideas on how we could improve? We love collaborating with other great-minded humans!

Transformational Scholarships

Mentorship Program with seasoned business leaders who have walked the path and believe in supporting you in your journey. This program is meant to educate, inspire and transform you into the highest version of yourself so you can show up for yourself and others in all facets of life.

Making Memories

This program helps enable moms and their kids experience a family vacation together. We know that experiences create memories, and that time spent together is precious to build a stronger bond, and build life skills that travel can provide. We help moms and their kids experience moments together that will last a lifetime.

Lead with Purpose

Giving single moms with the opportunity to participate in leadership conferences, seminars, and workshops. The Nest Foundation partners with event organizers around the world to offer opportunities for women to be in the room. We believe that no seat should be empty!

What makes us unique?

The Nest Foundation empowers women in transition to rebuild lives. Giving hope, making memories, inspiring leaders and transforming lives for women and their children.

Did you know…

75% of the women who go through divorce by the age of 65 end up living in poverty.


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